Irina's Bio

I was born and raised in Tajikistan, Central Asia, the city of Dushanbe (Sister City of Boulder, CO).  At the age of 16 my family and I made the big move to the United States of America, Queens, NY.  


I navigated my first 2 years learning the language, adapting to a new lifestyle and helping support my family. My family moved once again to Denver, CO where I started a family of my own.  Many careers, 20 years and 4 children later, I have finally arrived in California.  I've always yearned to be an actor and I now I'm thrilled to get to do it!


I'm an entertainer at heart!  I love to sing and dance, those are some of the best ways for me to express myself, I feel. Life has blessed me with the ability to experience the joy of singing and dancing on stage for many years. Sometimes I'm inspired to write poetry. Now I'm exploring the art of script writing - very discipline provoking, I'm learning a lot.


I also enjoy cooking and trying new foods.  I love to host parties at my house and bringing people together for good times/smiles/yummy food.  I've always loved meeting new people and in LA it's easier than ever!  Since good eatings is not something I will pass up, I must watch my girly figure, so yes, I work out and I admit, I love it too!  My two go-to daily workouts are P90X (yoga is my personal favorite) and Insanity.  


I'm grateful to have a lot of friends.  I know that I owe it all to my ability to inspire people and help them see the best in them.  I'm blessed with people confiding in me and looking to me for advice, life coaching is something I'm seriously considering in a near future, because I want to expand my sphere of influence.


As for now, my focus is acting.  The past two years have been the most eye opening years of my life yet.  I am very excited to continue discovering who I am through the amazing art of acting, taking it one day at a time.