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Irina's Bio

Irina was born and raised in Tajikistan, Central Asia, the city of Dushanbe (Sister City of Boulder, CO).  At the age of 16 she and her family made the big move to the United States of America, Queens, NY.  


Irina navigated her first 2 years learning the language, adapting to a new lifestyle and helping support her family. The family moved once again to Denver, CO where she started a family of her own.  Many careers, 20 years and 4 children later, she's finally arrived in California.  She's always yearned to be an actor and now she was thrilled to get to do it!


Irina is an entertainer at heart! She loves to sing and dance, those are some of the best ways for her self expression. Life has blessed Irina with the ability to experience the joy of singing and dancing on stage for many years. Sometimes she's inspired to write poetry. She's also written movie scripts and produced/directed one of her own short films called "Slooga" (Servant), which currently circles in festivals.



Irina enjoys cooking and trying new foods.  She loves to host get-togethers at her home, bringing people together for food/laughter/comradery.


Physical fitness is also an important part of Irina's daily lifestyle. She's a big fan of yoga, but she also loves to move to high intensity workouts.


As Irina continues to discover herself through the art of Acting, she's discovered her gift for healing, which she continues to develop through meditation and stillness. She's honored to offer guided meditations and is grateful to be of service in such a unique way. This healing path continues to expand her ability to delve deeper into her own emotional pool and create more complex character work. 

Irina's Numerology tool adds significantly to her resume and her repertoire. To learn more about how this tool can enhance your life, click on the Numerology tab.

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