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Numerology is NOT fortune telling. It is a set of numeric algorithms unique to you. They will point out the "good" and the "bad" of your energetic makeup. It's like having a navigation map to your self. Basically, if your life isn't getting better with age, somewhere, you went off your path.


If you are still searching to find yourself, then this service is for you! Your numeric chart will reveal which energies primarily reside in you and how they behave. Not only will the numbers point out your "blind spots", but they will help you understand how to use that which already is within you to your highest potential. This could save you hours of therapy! You will gain clarity, insight, inspiration and even healing. 

Get ready to experience a deep dive!

Individual Numeric Chart

Session lasts up to 2 hours. It will provide a deep understanding of your personality aspects, why you behave a certain way, how your subconscious mind behaves. 

You'll receive specific recommendations on how to use your untapped potential and how to get out of your own way.      $150.00

Yearly Forecast

If you're someone who likes to plan things out and have a rough draft of what the year may look like from a numeric stand point, then this service is for you. You'll receive your own numeric algorithm which will point out what main energies will be in play for said year and how they will affect you in all aspects of your everyday living.    $75.00

Compatibility Numeric Chart

This one is popular! We get to look at your relationship with a loved one, partner, friend, etc. This chart will shine light on points of conflict in a relationship, main tasks (lessons that partners should learn in it), overall potential of the relationship and what can be done to harmonize it.     $150.00

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What Our Clients Say


Leah Cohen, Esthetician.

"I'm a lucky person! I was the first one in Irina's numerology consultation! It's also my first experience of learning about numerology. And the most astonishing thing is - everything comes together! Literally based on birth date and time one can find out EVERYTHING!
We ended up having a very deep and intimate conversation. The one that truly opens a way to self and to betterment of quality of life. Irina, very clearly, laid out numerically my life story and I was convinced that numbers don't lie! I appreciate Irina for professionalism and proper disclosure of meaning of all the numbers in my psycho-matrix.

Now I don't doubt my decisions! Reach out to Irina and you will be pleasantly surprised!"

"Я счастливый человек! Я была на консультации по Нумерологии у Ирины первой!

Это также мой первый опыт знакомства с нумерологией. И что самое удивительное - все сходится! Буквально по дате и времени рождения можно узнать ВСЕ! 


У нас состоялась очень глубокая, проникновенная беседа , действительно открывающая путь к себе и реальному улучшению качества жизни. Ирина очень четко разложила по цифрам мою историю жизни и я убедилась, что цифры не врут! Благодарю Ирину за профессионализм и грамотное раскрытие значений всех цифр в моей психоматрице.

Теперь я не сомневаюсь в своих решениях! Обращайтесь к Ирине и вы будете приятно удивлены!!!

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