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We live in a very hectic world. Today, more than ever before, it is of the utmost importance to take care of one self in order to be able to withstand the stresses that modern life throws at us. Let's be honest, the world is hurting. No matter the country, we're all experiencing an immense amount of pressure with the current emotional climate.


If you're anything like me, then sometimes you'll feel the weight of the entire universe, resting on your shoulders and you don't know how to shake it off, even though you know fully well that this weight is not even yours to begin with. If you have a family, then you get pulled in many different directions. If you're single, then you feel the pressure of not having the necessary support that you wish you had. No matter the status, we're human at the end of the day and we all have things that we deal with and wish we had the magic wand that would take our stress away.

...And I really feel for you, if your stress is chronic...

Whoa! Let me stop you right there! All this time you've been carrying the baggage that you couldn't drop? You feel responsible for your past? You feel guilty for something that happened years ago?  You feel that nobody understands you? You're dealing with a lot, but I have good news for you! You've come to the right place!

I'll teach you how to feel safe, even amongst all the chaos that surrounds you. I will provide you with the tools that will help you maintain your sanity and clarity, even through the biggest storms that life will throw at you. With me, you will enter another dimension, that is going to surprise and delight you. Book your session and start reaping the benefits, which resided in you all along, now!

With love, Irina.


This guided meditation created for me a tranquil state of mind and help liberate my spirit. If you are looking for the ultimate breath of fresh air this is it!
Irina helped me open my awareness to notice hidden stress build ups to release them with ease. It's hard to put in words this peaceful and uplifting feeling she left me with.
Going back is a must for me. Treat yourself and join in on an awesome shift for peace and love. :)

Meosha Bean


Before I had a session with Irina, I felt a deep emptiness inside, a sadness or wound that was not healing. During session I could feel the pain starting to lessen and that dark emptiness fill with warmth. Afterwards, I felt relief from that emptiness and more peaceful. 


The virtual group meditation was wonderful. It was enlightening and relaxing. Before the meditation, my stress levels were high but after, I felt very relaxed and at peace. 

Carmen Ramirez - Kinsey

Telehealth Therapist

I had an opportunity to do guided meditation with Irina. I was feeling very lonely and hopeless after leaving my abusive husband. After meditation I felt lightness at my chest. Irina did deep dive in to my soul and she knew what I needed to hear. I highly recommend her meditations to family and friends.  


Ashley Toledo 


Была на медитации у Ирины лишь однажды, но могу точно утверждать, что это очень чуткий и тонко чувствующий человек. В ней столько материнской, доброй, заботливой энергетики, что хочется открыть ей свою душу, рассказать о том, что у тебя на сердце, и послушать ее мудрого совета. Во время медитации я чувствовала этот контакт с ней, но в то же время он был настолько деликатный, что никак не отвлекал от собственных ощущений. Её наводящие вопросы воспринимались, как разговор со своим собственным подсознанием, когда максимально честно и открыто отвечаешь и проговариваешь то, что даже от самой себя скрывала. И это очень ценно, когда можешь полностью довериться и открыться, зная, что тебя примут, не осуждая, и мягко направят в сторону более глубокого понимания себя. Обязательно вернусь к Ирине вновь! Наша душа бездонна, и там есть все ответы для нас, но иногда мы в упор невидим и не слышим того, что она пытается нам сказать. И вот такие медитации с проводником очень в этом помогают.

Спасибо, дорогая, за этот опыт и за твою помощь. 

I was at Irina's meditation only once, but I can assure you, that this is a very sensitive person. She possesses so much of the motherly, kind, caring energy, that one wants to open up their soul, to tell about that, which is on their heart, and to listen to her wise advice. During meditation I felt this contact with her, but at the same time it was so delicate, that it didn't distract from my own feelings in any way. Her leading questions were perceived as one's own conversation with the subconscious self, when you maximally honestly and openly answer and talk through that, which you were even hiding from yourself. And this is very valuable, when you can fully trust and open up, knowing that you'll be accepted without judgement and be gently led towards a much deeper understanding of the self. I will for sure come back to Irina again! Our soul is unfathomable, and there lie all the answers for us, but sometimes we can't see or hear that, which it is trying to tell us. And so these types of guided meditations help very much in that. Thank you, dear, for this experience and for your help.

Jane Shepot


General Wellbeing Meditation  $60.00 (45 - 60 minutes)

Meditations are offered in person and online. An in-person method is preferred, as it provides less opportunities for interruptions. In-person meditations are also followed by an herbal tea ceremony. 

To relieve stress, to add a sense of being grounded and balanced. To explore your inner world. To improve overall health. In some, even eases bodily pains. Great for beginners. Serves as an introduction to meditation and provides simple tools to continue independent daily practice.

Custom Interactive Meditation  $120.00 (90 - 120 minutes)

A more intimate, personal approach to working with issues such as: past trauma, feeling stuck in a particular area of your life, or some inner battles that have to do with feeling heaviness in your chest, guilt or regret.

"I Am Statements" Meditation  $45.00 (30 - 45 minutes)

Recommended for boosting self esteem. Enhances self confidence. Improves and elevates the mood. Though interactive practice at first, but can easily be practiced independently after one session.

Group Guided Meditation 
$25.00 per person, 3 minimum, upon request.
(30 - 45 minutes)

Group meditation is great for setting one main intention amongst the group and  with that goal in mind, achieving a sense of wellbeing together. The benefit of a group gathering is the intensity of the collective energy that is focused on the intention that is being set.

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